Missoula, Montana
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St. Patrick Hospital is a 225 bed acute care hospital providing all medical services. The department does a large volume of special procedures including urologic angiography and neuroradiology.


Community Medical Center is a 150 bed hospital with a Level-3 Trauma Center and Level-3 NICU.  CMC also has one of the most renowned Rehabilitation Units in the region.  Community Medical Center currently employs a total of 1195 employees housewide.  Diagnostic Imaging has a staff of 45 employees in a variety of modalities. 


Advanced Imaging Center has brought a new level of care and service to medical facilities in Western Montana. The technology at Advanced Imaging Center is enhanced by the dedicated staff of professionals that have one goal in mind - to provide an environment to alleviate stress and apprehension that patients naturally feel before a medical procedure. All of this combined, dramatically improves patient comfort, and speeds up the reading and reporting of our patient's exams.


St. Joseph Medical Center
Polson, Montana
Located 70 miles to the North of Missoula, Polson's St. Joseph Medical Center serves the southern Flathead Lake area.

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St. Patrick Hospital opened in 1873 under the sponsorship of the Sisters of Providence.

The present facility opened in 1984. In May 2000, we changed our name from "St. Patrick Hospital" to "St. Patrick Hospital and Health Sciences Center" to reflect our increasing involvement with national medical research and education. The hospital has 195 acute-care beds, and 18 transitional-care beds.
St. Patrick Hospital and Health Sciences Center is a not-for-profit medical center under the sponsorship of the Sisters of Providence.

The Radiology Departments at St. Patrick Hospital and Health Sciences Center and Broadway Imaging Center see over 75,000 patients and performs 105,000 procedures each year. 

Our state-of-the-art imaging equipment includes both a 3T MRI and 1.5T MRI. With our 64 Slice CT we can perform Coronary CTA examinations that are used to identify the coronary arteries and, if present, plaques in their walls with the creation of 3D images on a computer screen. We also have a 16 Slice CT that is used for general outpatient studies and 2 Interventional suites.  We also offer multiple portable x-ray and c-arm units, 3 ATL 5000 Ultrasound units and 1 Accuson Sequoia ultrasound unit.

Currently we offer PET/CT via mobile scanner, with future plans of installing an in-house scanner. 

At our Broadway imaging site we offer Digital screening and diagnostic mammography. Broadway Imaging was recently awarded the Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.  We offer Breast MRI, Stereotactic Breast Biopsies and Ultrasound guided Breast Biopsies.

St. Patrick Hospital's diagnostic imaging department and Broadway Imaging work with Missoula Radiology to provide service to the hospital and outpatients services, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Community Medical Center performs approximately 60,000 procedures annually.

CMC is currently in the process of building a Women's Imaging Center with new equipment, work space and waiting rooms.  It is scheduled to open January of 2009.

Our equipment is as follows:
CT~1 64-Slice GE Lightspeed VCT
DEXA~1 Lunar Prodigy Advance
Echo~1 Philips i33e (Heart Center)
Fluoroscopy~1 Advantx Fluoroscopy Table
Interventional Radiology~1 Philips CV 5000
1 Hologic Selenia Digital Mammography Unit
1 Hologic Multicare Platinum Stereotactic Table
Nuclear Cardiology~1 Philips Cardio MD (Heart Center)
Nuclear Medicine~1 GE Millennium
Ultrasound~3 Philips HD11XE
X-ray~1 Proteus CR Unit
~1 GE Compax


Advanced Imaging Center believes in commitment to quality customer service in all areas.

With the technology of our GE LightSpeed VCT 32 CT Scanner, our GE HDXT 1.5 MRI, and our GE Senographe Essential for Digital Mammography, patient comfort is enhanced and our patients spend far less time at our Imaging Center.


St. Joseph Medical Center , Polson, Montana. 

Common examinations include CT scanning in the trauma setting, MRI of the Knee Joint, Shoulder joint and Spine.  Besides standard radiography, we perform MRI Arthrography, joint aspirations, muscle and bone biopsy.